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Wed, 14 Feb


Loreto College

Younger players - Level 3 - @ St Albans (22)

Now, nobody needs to go through the categorizing and ranking of their technical, speed, and strength skills - to get access to the biggest benefit of playing sport. The sharing of Wow moments.

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Younger players - Level 3  - @ St Albans (22)
Younger players - Level 3  - @ St Albans (22)

Time & Location

14 Feb 2024, 17:00 – 18:00

Loreto College, AL1 3RQ


About the event

We have separated out the coaching of space, time, and timing skills from the coaching of technical, speed, and strength skills. Players can access the biggest benefit of playing sport - the sharing of Wow moments - no matter their level of technical, speed, and strength skills. This is a level 3 session. That means it's 25% technical, speed, and strength. 75% space, time, and timing. There is a big "ish" with age. If it works for the player it works for us. As a rough guide we can have players from 7years old to 14 years old.  


  • Level 3 is 25% technical, speed, and strength. 75% space, time, and timing.
  • Level 2 is 33% - 66%
  • Level 1 is 50% - 50% - most competitive


  • The entrance is on Upper Lattimore Road. 
  • Here is a link to google maps  -
  • The easiest way to pay us using the app which you can get by going to  your phone's app store, search for app called Spaces. Download.  And then enter this code QTKFDS 
  • Don't  let a lack of money stop you from coming. We ask for £7.50 but you are welcome to pay what you want.  


15 years ago I wanted to give autistic young people a feeling of connection. We were in the park and one young person picked up a ball and took a basketball shot. It went in. I got the ball and passed it. They caught it and scored again. We had found a way to have a meaningful connection.

I taught myself to use the process of playing basketball to help autistic players see how all the players around them - framed the space around them. They would see me move through the space to be in the right place, at the right time to help them score a basket. It was a meaningful connection for us all. The players copied what I did and so everyone was moving to be in the right place at the right time to help each other out. Meaningful connections appeared everywhere.

This led to what we now call space, time, and timing coaching. 

Jon explains a  bit more in his TEDx St Albans talk.

What players and parents think 

We went to the most amazing basketball session in  Hemel at Longdean school. My son is autistic and has ADHD he struggles  to follow instruction and is extremely demand avoidant. This session  took all the barriers away for my son and he had the most amazing time,  his words “I loved it”. Well worth checking out

A young player - "I like Jon’s sessions because instead of telling us what to do we all just work it out ourselves"  

A parent - "It’s refreshing to see someone run a sports session with a focus on kindness and flexibility instead of adherence to set patterns based on traditional ways of learning. We have always been made to feel welcome and encouraged to participate and my children gain confidence by being part of something that requires teamwork. As an observer, I enjoy seeing the players thinking about not just themselves but the whole team. It’s not about just playing ball, it’s about creative thinking, consideration of others and teamwork"  

Any questions contact the help centre


  • Pay what you want

    Please, don't let a lack of money stop you from coming. We are a social enterprise. Or, pay more as a donation.

    Pay what you want
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  • Pay it forward

    This is buying a ticket for someone else play. We never let money stop people from playing.

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  • Lets play ball

    We are a social enterprise. We use all profits to give those who are excluded or vulnerable to social exclusion a free experience of playing sports and games where everyone set's each other up to succeed. Where everyone constantly imagines other ways. Where everyone uses mistakes to find what is next and grow. Experiences to build a belief that they are not stuck as they are now. Thank you. Contact to get a free ticket

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