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Game Of Thrones Season 1

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While many of the characters from season one were no longer a part of the show during its final season, fans can spot plenty of familiar faces in the few moments from the season one table read shown in the documentary.

Before joining the cast of "Thrones," Coster-Waldeau had worked as an actor in his native Denmark, appearing in Danish films like 1994's "Nightwatch." He also starred on the short-lived Fox crime series "New Amsterdam," which ran for one season in 2008.

How her character ended the show: After killing the Night King in one of the season's most dramatic scenes, Arya witnessed the destruction of King's Landing firsthand. Once Bran was chosen as king, she left Westeros to travel west on a private ship.

How his character ended the show: Harington's Jon Snow would go on to defend Westeros against the White Walkers, and help Daenerys take the throne before killing her on the final season of the show. Jon Snow ends "Game of Thrones" by being exiled to the remains of the Night's Watch, where he joins Tormund and the Free Folk in heading north of the wall.

In a clip from the first season's table read, Iain Glen (who plays Jorah Mormont) and Rory McCann (who plays Sandor Clegane, or "the Hound"), are shown seated with Ron Donachie and Jason Momoa, who played Ser Rodrik Cassel and Khal Drogo, respectively.

How his character ended the show: Way back on season one, Daenerys was wed to Khal Drogo as part of a scheme by her exiled brother Viserys to gain support for an attack on the Seven Kingdoms. Daenerys and Drogo actually enjoyed a happy partnership, until Drogo was severely wounded in battle.

No "Game of Thrones" fan could ever forget the infamous Red Wedding during season three. Following his crusade against the Lannisters, Richard Madden's Robb Stark is brutally murdered by the Freys, along with his pregnant wife and his mother, Catelyn Stark (played by Michelle Fairley).

"The Last Watch" includes footage of Madden and Fairley, as well as Joseph Mawle (who plays Benjen Stark) at the season one table read. Benjen would go on to save Jon Snow from an army of wights on season seven.

How his character ended the show: After traveling to the Freys' castle for a wedding celebration, both Robb and Catelyn Stark are killed as part of the Red Wedding massacre on season three.

The final episode dealt with death and its consequences, indicating that we are still in the first act of a very long story. On a plot level, it was about setting up conflicts and situations that will presumably play out in a second season. On a thematic level, it was about resurrection, and how the future rises from the ashes of destruction.

Those are monster figures for any premium cable show, and stacked against its predecessor series, that 29 million is more than triple the 9.3 million viewers HBO said that season 1 of Game of Thrones averaged when it aired. Of course, that was a decade ago, with fewer places to watch, and the series just spooling up. But even taking that into consideration, 29 million is not all that far away from the 46 million that Game of Thrones averaged in season 8, its final season.

So, House of the Dragon has gotten a free pass to skip ahead all the way to almost season 7 numbers of Game of Thrones, obviously boosted by being in the same universe and a deep hunger for fans who want more, and namely, want the world to be interesting and good again, unlike those last few non-book-adapted seasons of the main show.

We do not know exactly what HBO has planned for House of the Dragon, though at least one more season seems likely. There is a very specific, hard ending for this cast of characters from the source material, but there has also been some talk about the show turning into a Targaryen anthology, following the demented family through other points in time, in other centuries.

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