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Benefits of thinking outside the box

For the last few days some professional coaches and referees have been trying to come up with the simple words to sell space and timing coaching to basketball coaches and players. We where struggling to keep it simple with a positive message.


We we not getting very far.


Every attempt required players and coaches to believe they where missing something. Which was often seen as a negative.




Walking into town for a coffee


It came to me.


It seems so obvious now. My own Wow moment. I don't need to explain the basketball benefits. I need to explain the benefits of think outside the box!!!


Thinking inside the box - we achieve what we can reach. Thinking outside the box we attain performance beyond our reach. We find other ways we can’t yet see. That once seen we wonder why we didn’t see it before. A Wow moment.


While we coach the space and timing skills to think outside of the box - what players manage to do by thinking outside of the box is personal to them. We coach the how - players do the what :)  This lead to me adding benefits to the thinking outside the box video.


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