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Can England win?

In the previous games, England has focused on the routines of a game plan. They qualified because the opponents could not disrupt the game plan. Not sure this will be the case in the game to come. Opponents will be increasingly able to disrupt the routines of a game plan.

Then we will see if the players can switch off the routine to weave their micro routines to get around whatever is disrupting the game plan routines.


Switching off a narrow focus on the routines of a game plan is a skill. It needs prime, plot, and process.

Players have to prime, plot and process.

Priming is what we do to switch off the routine. It is letting go of a sense of self - ego - based on our ability to execute a routine and play our part in a game plan. (It takes practice to see when opponents are disrupting the routines of a game plan to the point things are not going to plan. And it is time to prime ourselves to switch off the routine.)

Plot is our scaffolding - our micro routines. Through our micro routines, we connect and flow together to do things we never saw ourselves doing. We live within and through our Wow moments. When we get our micro routines right we get around anything in the way. (but boiling it down to the essentials of a micro routine takes skill and practice)

The process is how we go from a blank page to a tightly woven series of micro routines that flow around whatever is disrupting the routines of our game plan.

Will enough England players be able to do this?

I think they can because more of the top clubs now play for longer without the routines of a game plan.

Let's hope eh

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