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Our first tournament

Updated: 7 days ago

"failing to plan is planning to fail". But, sometimes the saying - "no plan survives the first punch" - is the same.

This tournament is…

  • For coaches - to recruit players who understand the importance of setting aside their egos to recognize when a routine is not going as planned. They shift from the routine to micro-routines, allowing for a spontaneous flow of actions to navigate unexpected challenges. These moments often lead to unexpected discoveries and "wow" moments. Afterward, they return to established routines to achieve the intended outcomes, showcasing their ability to make effective decisions in the moment.

  • For referees - to better read the game in the moments it is not going to plan.

  • To raise money to help the neurodivergent to experience Wow moments - without a struggle to do it correctly.


We make it hard for things to go to plan - because we want to see how players react to things not going to plan.

Players enter as individuals.

All abilities are welcome. As are players from different sports. This diversity of abilities makes it harder for the best players to make it go to a plan.

We create teams of 3. Doing our best to ensure each team has a range of athletic abilities.

Teams play a round-robin tournament of half-court 3v3 basketball

Once a league table is finalized - the top team of 3 is merged with the bottom team and so on to create a round-robin league of teams of 6 players. These teams then play full-court, running, and rolling substitutions.

The 10 players showing the most ability to use micro routines to weave unplanned flow of actions - to get around what is in the way. Wow moments. Will be selected for the final all-star game. Players will not be selected for the all-star game if they over-rely on athletic dominance to execute routines of common game plans. There is nothing wrong with this. It’s just not what this tournament is set up to do.

Coaches, come and select

Details of location, and dates to follow.

Looking at end of September. In and around St Albans, UK


The tournament is run by

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Comentarios is the governing body for those who coach the skills of Wow.

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